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My Bio
I was born in Vancouver and grew up in a rural farming community outside Ft St John, BC which had its own school, parks and river vistas which I loved. I was active in Scouting from earliest years to young adulthood, and I really enjoy reading natural and world history. I like music, now following the evolution and development of electronic music. In 1990 I traveled with my family to Eugene, Oregon for a sabbatical year of study. There, I made new friends, enjoyed sports, music and film-making in a large middle school. Returning home, I completed secondary school then enrolled, first in environmental studies, then history, at UNBC. After completing a BA in circumpolar history with a minor in english, I worked to travel to the Netherlands and Greece where I was fascinated by sights such as Bourtange Fortress, the Acropolis in Athens and Mycene with its 3,000 years of history. I was exposed to many different cultures and values that would shape how I viewed history, heritage and public attitudes regarding the preservation and conservation of cultural resources. After traveling, I worked at several mid island produce markets which I parlayed into steady employment at The Market on Yates in Victoria. My first heritage work started in volunteering for The Land Conservancy during the Craigflower School 150th centennial celebrations, and working flexible shifts, I enrolled in post baccalaureate studies in Cultural Resource Management at UVIC.  I completed my studies with an internship at Donald Luxton & Associates in Vancouver. In 2006 I joined the Victoria Heritage Advisory Committee after a season of heritage inventory work in the Yukon and have remained on this committee for many years. For the past seven years I have researched, entered data and preformed quality control on original documents for the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs department of Indian Residential Schools Conflict Resolution Canada. In 2007, I was awarded a contract with the BC Provincial Government's Heritage Branch and helped develop the framework for creating conservation plans for the province of BC using Emily Carr’s House of Allsorts in Victoria as the case study. In 2011, I joined the Victoria Heritage Foundation's Education Committee where we maintain and develop the publication This Old House and work to create awareness of Victoria's heritage buildings.  I also sat on the now defunct City of Victoria's Public Advisory Committee for a 12 month term starting in 2011. I have also had three small contracts with local developers and architects providing research and statements of significance on buildings in the historic downtown core of Victoria. In July of 2104 I developed, researched and presented a heritage tour for the Fernwood Neighbourhood Associations event, Fenfest, in conjunction with the Victoria Hertiage Foundation’s Education Committee. I also helped organise and present a heritage information session/workshop with the same committee which was held at the Martime Museum in Victoria. I’m passionate about the conservation, preservation and protection of our built heritage both locally and provincially. I believe in conserving by using built heritage; bringing back to life the people who envisioned remarkable buildings, homes and places; craftsmen who used local and exotic materials and in style-setting and designs and keeping these things as a community legacy and as examples of where we came from and where we are going. As a heritage consultant, I’m developing an interactive social networking site, “StoryPast,” and a framework for heritage home histories.
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